The following links are organized into sections relative to the required components as listed in the tech plan Checklist in MEGS. They may provide additional resources and help for your planning process. 

PDF Document2010 State of Michigan Educational Technology Plan - Approved by the State Board of Education on February 9, 2010 

PDF Document54321 Michigan - What is meant by 54321 Michigan? Read this article by Bruce Umpstead that appears in the issue of the MACUL Journal's 2012 Conference issue .


Technology Planning Resources

PDF DocumentCIPA - Children's Internet Protection Act - FCC Consumer Guide. - 2011 update.

External Link National Center for Technology Planning  

External Link SLD’s Developing the Technology Plan - Step 2!  

External Link USAC's FAQs About Technology Planning   

External Link USDoE Data Requirements Memo - May 19, 2009  

PDF DocumentProfessional Standards for Michigan Teachers (PSMT)    

External Link OPTIC - Observation Protocol for Technology Integration in the Classroom  

PDF Document7th Standard of the PSMT    

Curriculum Integration    

External Link M.O.R.E. Michigan Online Resources for Educators 

External Link MI Learning on iTunes U is a gateway to educational audio, video, and pdf files submitted by organizations and educators throughout Michigan.  

External Link MI Learning Landing page -These curriculum, leadership and professional development resources can be accessed by computer and other mobile devices - offering great learning opportunities for students, educators and community -anytime and anywhere!  

External Link National Educational Technology Standards for Students  

External Link National Educational Technology Standards for Students 2007 Implementation Wiki

External Link Critical Issue: Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement  

External Link Portland Public Schools Teacher Resource Website - Thanks to David Palme

Professional Development  

External Link 21things for the 21st Century Teacher - The purpose of this course is to provide ”Just in Time” training through an online interface for K-12 educators based on the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T).  

External Link National Staff Development Council

External Link National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T) 

External Link National Educational Technology Standards for School Administrators (NETS-A)  

Miscellaneous Supporting Resources  

External Link REMC Featured Resources to help administrators, teachers, and technology coordinators use technology effectively in their school educational programs.  

External Link Sample Policies and Guidelines from EdZone  

External Link Neola - Tools for Schools  

External Link Intellectual Property Policy - The Copyright Primer for Librarians and Educators  

Grants and Funding 

External Link Michigan Department of Education - MiGAL Search the Michigan Grants Available List (MiGAL) for federal, state, private, and other funding grant resources that relate to education and/or youth.  

External Link Government Technology  

External Link National Science Foundation Funding   


External Link U.S. Department of Education - Research and Reports

External Link TechTamers Assessing Technology Programs 

External Link Seven Dimensions for Gauging Process of Technology in the Schools  - Milken Family Foundation

External Link Evaluating and Updating Technology and Planning  

External Link Assessing the Plan  

Technology’s Impact on Learning  

External Link The Impact of Education Technology of Student Achievement: What The Most Current Research Has to Say

External Link Institute for the Transfer of Technology to Education  

External Link Office of Education Technology (USDOE)