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Why Computer Science?

“Between 400 million and 800 million individuals could be displaced by automation and need to find new jobs by 2030 around the world.”*

Employers are rushing to “reskill” and “upskill” employees to meet workplace changes due to automation and artificial intelligence. The shift to meet this demand is monumental and global. The smart investment is in tomorrow’s workforce by providing today’s students with critical thinking and analytical skills that are emphasized in the new Michigan Computer Science Standards.

Computer science learning prepares students for success across many jobs and careers. It teaches skills that are broadly applicable, such as creativity, problem-solving, critical and flexible thinking, and coordinating with others. Computer science also provides a critical understanding for citizenship, ethics, and social good. 

How Michigan Employers can invest in tomorrow’s workforce today

Michigan employers can invest in today’s students by partnering with local schools to expand student learning by providing real-life experiences and insight into the work world.

  • Provide role models so students can see themselves in the field. 
  • Provide hands-on experiences so students can better understand what CS is all about. Introduce learning experiences, provide field trips to local companies, and offer “learn by doing” apps, games and other tools. 
  • Provide work-based apprenticeships and internships through career and technical education programs and high school courses.
  • Volunteer with organizations that support student growth in computer science learning and careers such as the National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT) and Microsoft’s Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS).
  • Enhance manufacturing and engineering talent across Michigan with SME PRIME (Partnership Response In Manufacturing Education)

*Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: What the Future Of Work Will Mean For Jobs, Skills, and Wages. About the author(s) James Manyika is chairman of and a director at the McKinsey Global Institute -