Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students (MITECS)

The Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students (MITECS), released December 2017, replace the 2009 Michigan Educational Technology Standards for Students (METS-S). These updated competencies focus on learning enhanced by technology, rather than on technology tools. The MITECS are aligned to the Top 10 in 10 focus area of Learner-Centered Supports, reflecting a learner-driven approach that empowers students to be active participants in determining their educational pursuits.

The MITECS support learning in all content areas. Due to the elimination of Title II Part D, Enhancing Education Through Technology, districts are no longer required to assess 8th grade students on technology literacy.  Technology should no longer be taught as a separate class, but rather integrated across the content areas enhancing learning.   Many schools are already taking this approach to teaching technology. 


PDF DocumentMichigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students (MITECS)

External LinkMITECS Hub to Support Implementation

Resources to support classroom implementation are available on the #GoOpen Michigan MITECS Hub. The Hub contains both professional learning and classroom level resources for each competency as well as the MITECS more generally. In the MITECS Professional Learning collection you will find futher resources for professional learning and toolss to support MITECS implementation, as well as a crosswalk to core content areas. 

MITECS Toolkit to Support District Level Implementation

PDF Document Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students (MITECS)

Google SlideGoogle Slide Deck - MITECS Overview - Slides are view only until you make a copy. You can then modify as needed for your district's MITECS implementation needs

Google SlideMACUL MITECS Presentation 3-21-2019

Google SlideMAME MITECS Presentation 10-25-2018

Google SlideMACUL MITECS Presentation 3-9-2018

PDF DocumentAge Band Articulation - Specifies how the competencies can be incorporated into teaching and learning activities at various age band/grade levels [Note: There is no age band articulation for 15-18 as the MITECS are intended to be the benchmarks at that level]

PDF DocumentScenarios - Showcases the MITECS implemented in an integrated setting within academic context

PDF DocumentTechnology Scope and Sequence - Reminiscent of previous iterations of Michigan educational technology standards, this is a grade level breakdown of required technology skill development (beginning, developing, secure) that students must have in order to demonstrate competency

External LinkMiTechKids - Provides K-5 educators with free resources and lesson ideas for integrating technology into activities in the classroom that prepare students for success in the real world. These resources are short lessons (20-30 minutes) organized by grade levels K-5. Each grade level addresses the MITECS competencies and the seven ISTE technology standards with the addition of a basic technology skills category for all ages.

External Link21Things4Students (6-9) - A free online curriculum to help middle school students improve their technology proficiency across the curriculum as they prepare for success in the real world. Its resources are aligned to state and national technology standards, and focus on helping students build information literacy and digital citizenship skills and be knowledgeable about Internet safety and cyberbullying. Students who complete project-based Quests in the 21 Things curriculum will be in an excellent position to further develop their skills and grow their effective use of technology as a tool for learning.

External Link21Things4Educators - Provides a single site of free resources and tutorials for educators including self-paced modules for learning on your own time. Helps educators make connections between technology tools and best practice instructional strategies.

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External LinkGoogle Applied Digital Skills

Google DocMITECS Administrator One Page Overview

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