Minecraft Education Edition Application

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) in partnership with Microsoft EDU will provide 175,000 free student and educator licenses for the Minecraft Education Edition (M:EE) for one year (2019-20).  This version of the popular open world game, Minecraft, is specifically designed for education, containing features that make Minecraft more accessible and effective in a classroom or after-school program setting. 

2019-20 School Year Minecraft: Education Edition Pilot Application

2019 Michigan Minecraft: Education Edition Landmark Challenge Entry List

2019 Michigan Minecraft: Educaiton Edition Landmark Challenge PowerPoint Presentation


Minecraft Licensing Technical Support Resources

Help Desk: https://minecrafteducation.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Support Network: https://aka.ms/meesupport

External LinkMinecraft: Education Edition Live on iPad - YouTube Video

Michigan's Minecraft: Education Edition District Deployment Guide

Minecraft Education Edition Flyer

Minecraft Education Edition Keyboard Map 

Technical Specifications

Pilot Resources

External LinkMinecraft: Education Edition Kick-Off

Google SlideMinecraft: Education Edition Year Two Kick-Off

External Link#GoOpen Michigan Repository - Minecraft: Education Edition Group

PDF DocumentMinecraft: Education Edition Year Two Pilot PowerPoint

PDF DocumentMinecraft: Education Edition Educator Academy

PDF DocumentEduPaths - Minecraft: Education Edition Flyer

External LinkMinecraft Education Edition:  Starter Kit

External LinkMinecraft: Education Edition Online Professional Development Modules

The Minecraft: Education Team has been working with the staff at EduPaths to create multiple online training modules, Minecraft: The Building Blocks.  Minecraft has captured the imagination of K-12 students throughout the world. This course is designed to introduce teachers to Minecraft and its potential uses in education. It will guide users through an introduction as well as a hands-on approach to using Minecraft. The course is designed to be taken on PCs or Macs due to game system requirements. Unfortunately, Minecraft can not be run on a Chromebook, but will be available on iOS devices in September. Click here or link to: https://www.edupaths.org/Pathways/Search?SearchString=Minecraft%3A to find the Minecraft: Building Blocks training modules on the EduPaths site. 

2017-18 Minecraft: Education Edition Pilot Districts

2018-19 Minecraft: Education Edition Pilot Districts

Questions, contact:  Amanda Stoel, stoela@michigan.gov