Rap Genius

Rap Genius

Thank you for participating in the Rap Genius webinars.  Please stay tuned for future offerings.

 The webinar recording is located here.

State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)?We have a program for middle and high school teachers* at the last minute! All participants must be registered in order for the 10 SCECHs to be awarded. You will need to do some pre-work and participate in a 1-1.5 hour webinar.

 Register for the webinars here:
June 19th 10 AM webinar - REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED
June 26th 10 AM webinar - REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED

Registration deadline is June 17, 2013 for the June 19th offering and June 24th for the June 26 offering.  Space is limited so please sign up quickly.

Access and complete all the PDF Document pre-work.  Prior to the webinar think of ways in which you could use Rap Genius in instruction.>

This offering is limited to middle and high school teachers because of the age appropriateness of the content.  Rap Genius is most relevant to high school age students.  It may also be suitable for middle school students, depending on the content.

 If you have difficulty with registering contact Ann-Marie Smith, Education Technology Specialist at the Michigan Department of Education.