2014-2015 FIRST Robotics SCECH (State Continuing Education Clock Hours) Offering

The FIRST Robotics SCECH offering is listed in the directory one approved and published.  All participants must register at the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9G39DVD.  Additionally, all participants must regularly update their personal FIRST Robotics SCECH Time Log.  The log must contain the FIRST program name, team number, and team name, as well as a list of events attended, which will be confirmed with Michigan FIRST. 

SB-CEU breakdowns are:

100 hours logged, 10 SCECHs; 200 hours logged, 20 SCECHs; 300 hours logged, 30 SCECHs; 400 hours logged 40 SCECHs. Time spent at competitions/events does not count toward the hours log.  All applicants must have been on a team that participated in one exhibition for Jr. FLL, one qualifying event for FLL or FTC OR two district events for FRC. If the applicant is not listed as the main or alternate contact on the team, the main or alternate contact must certify that the applicant participated as a mentor on the team.

At season end the log must be sent electronically to mapesa@michigan.gov.  Make sure that you have registered as during the registration process through Survey Monkey your email associated with the Secure Central Registry was submitted.  This is required in order for SCECH issuance.

Once the offering is complete, the participant database will be uploaded to the Secure Central Registry (SCR). Participants will be automatically notified by email to take the SCR evaluation within one month from the upload date. There is a $2.50 fee for the final processing of the SB-CEU, which is to be paid by the participant.

For questions pertaining to this offering, please contact Ann-Marie Mapes, mapesa@michigan.gov.